In Dr. Anderson's new office-based procedure center, he focuses on evaluating and treating patients with vascular disease and other conditions in which minimally invasive therapies are available. When appropriate, the treatments can usually be performed in the office without the need for hospitalization.  Known for his compassion and devotion to his patients, Dr. Anderson’s new practice continues a patient-centered approach to limb salvage and patient care.

PAD:  When an individual has symptoms related to blockages in their arteries.  Blockages in the arteries often caused by hyperlipidemia, smoking, and diabetes.  These blockages can lead to pain, difficulty walking and amputation if not treated in timely manner.

UAE also known as uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is a minimally invasive procedure where the blood flow is blocked to prevent it from growing this will eventually cause fibroid to

shrink over time.

A promising new treatment for Enlarged Prostate has been developed which consists of embolizing the prostate with small particles using minimally invasive techniques. 

Varicocele is the number one cause of male infertility and is caused by gonadal vein reflux.

Chronic Pelvic Pain is extremely common, affecting up to one-third of all women during their lifetime.

(CLI) Critical Limb Ischemia is a severe obstruction of the arteries which markedly reduce blood flow to lower extremeties and progresses to severe pain, ulcers, or sores.