"Dr. Anderson's bedside manner is just wonderful, just great!"


"The guy acted like he'd been knowing me for ages!  He explained to me what my problem was and he told me he was going to straighten me out and believe me, doctor Anderson lived up to his word, all right? I'm a walking gentleman today because of doctor Anderson."

"I never thought it was possible to have another physician go above and beyond in the same caliber that I do.  

He calls after every procedure, phones the patients, on top of everything, his staff is on top of everything, and he truly cares.'

"He is a true hero in my heart."

"I am grateful. I'm a bus operator, and I use both feet to do my job. Without these legs, my survival rate is cut, it diminishes. This is all I know.


By him coming and perform this procedure on me. I now am able to still have a life, still survive, still take care of my family, still function."


"To that, I am forever grateful."

Benjamin Robinson - Patient

Diana Rogers DPM - Podiatrist 

Wendy Cleare - Patient


 "I lost the first or the big toe, I lost part of the second toe. They did venal transplant and all that did not work. When my third toe started acting up, that was the time that my podiatrist sort of referred me to Dr. Anderson. Dr. Anderson looked at me and said yes, he can save my leg.


The following day he took me into surgery, it turned out to be six and a half hours, but here is my leg as good as when I was 18 years old."

Antes de ver al doctor Anderson, no tenía que andar con andadores, lo que no podía era caminar. Más o menos en un tramo de unos 20 a 40 pies tenía que pararme una o dos veces por los dolores en la pierna.


Otro doctor me vió, me hicieron un bypass, no dio resultado ninguno. Me hicieron otras tres intervenciones no dio ningún resultado tampoco y gracias a dios me encontré con Dr. Anderson.

El me hizo una intervención y me restauró la circulación.  

Walter Brady - Patient

Sabino Garcia - Patient